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Friday, February 24, 2012

Pullman Hotels & Spa, Bangkok Thailand

Rabu lepas mama berkesempatan merasa kemewahan hotel lima bintang di Bangkok, Thailand. Ni sedikit sebanyak gambar dan pada pandangan mama memang satu pengalaman yang hebat dan of course layanan hotelier sangat2 mesra terutama Jin, gadis Siam yg cantik dan peramah.

Ni la biliknya, 3,884.00baht per nite. But this is business rate. 

Facilities lengkap, TV banyak channel sesuai untuk mama yang selalu susah nak tidur kat katil selain dari rumah.

 Pandangan Bilik Air dari katil. Ada sliding door antara bilik air dan tempat tidur

mini bar, fridge, safety box, torch light, iron, sleeping robe, bath robe, hair dryer semua ada tersedia. 

Sudut pandangan katil dari bilik air .

Nampak exclusive kan?

 Berendam dalam air panas memang soothing...:)
Ruang kerja mama. Apalagi dengan wifi yang laju, mama berjaya upload semua gamba bangkok trip and download a lot of youtube oldies mtv's

 Sambil2 berchatting dgn hubby, uploading photos, and downloading videos, mama lepak dulu kat sofa sambil hirup coffee...relaxing after a busy day.
Cosy bed dengan feather pillow mama rasa macam nak bawak balik je satu katil ni ke Malaysia...

My rate: 10 stars! plus Pullman Hotel ni ada King Power Shopping Complex sebelah je dgn hotel ni. Duty Free! So cuma tunjuk passport and register, then shop till you drop! Don't worry ada perkhidmatan percuma penghataran barang2 shopping korang ke airport. Just pergi booth King Power di Suvarnabhumi Airport to claim your things. Too bad trip mama cuma 1 malam. Banyak lagi yg belum dijelajah. Will come back very soon!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Now In Malaysia!

It's been a while since I last peeking on Nuffnang website. What I've got? This superb Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7! This is really awesome!
This adorable tab is getting smaller and handy which is 7.7 inch! The display is 1280x800 which is combined with the super AMOLED Plus panel gives you a detailed images and bright, rich colours. The thickness is just dropped my jaw wide open! it is 7.89mm! The slimmest in the world!

With its elegant brushed-steel finish and small, sleek body, ready to slip into my cute little backpack and is a real bliss for a traveller like me!

Wait a minute! Owh, the back camera is only 3-megapixel?  How can I live with that? My Galaxy S 2 is 8Mp! And furthermore, the front shooting camera is only 2Mp...I'm a photo shooter (not yet photographer) so, my requirement must at least 5Mp.  But anyway, they still have something better which it has a 5100mAh battery which delivers up to 10hours of non stop video playback! You can just sit, relax and enjoy your photos or videos you have captured on it!

What's more, this tab runs on a 1.4GHz dual core processor with the gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus panel giving you a great contrast, vivid colours and better power efficiency. Enjoy a wider viewing angle with a pixel density around 200PPI.

Just like Ipad, there are a range of internal storage – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, with Micro SD card support for up to 32 GB for you to choose. It comes with the latest Android OS, version 3.2 (Honeycomb).

Something you should consider !

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