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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Everybody has their own happiest moment. This is my happiest moment! To be able to capture my son's big and adorable smile! Look at how much he smile from his heart. From the moment I captured this photo, I vow that I will spend more time for him and shower him with a lot of loves. To be able see his big smile all his life and frame them just like freezing those moments to remember them whole of my life.
Captured on the day of his first attempt to scare his dad with  a choked-like drama..My son is a Drama King! Trust me! But sadly we lost the video in Car break-in last month.

More of his happy photos:

Friday, October 7, 2011


After my HP PDA, I never purhase any smart phone anymore since I was so frustrated with the HP PDA. And it has been a white elephant for more than 4 years now. But when I lost my basic samsung phone due to car break in last month, I never think twice to purchase SAMSUNG GALAXY S II a day after that incident. WHY? Because of all the sweet things my husband keep saying almost everyday. Finally I succumbed to those talk and swipe my credit card and suscribe DIGI smart plan. Well, that's the cheapest way to get it! RM1399!! So, affordable when you just swipe your credit card and now is the
time to empty out my wallet to pay since my BANK RAKYAT credit card didn't have the 0% EPP scheme. Cett!!! But of course after about 3 weeks exploring this smart phone, the more I familiar with it, the more I love it! So so so in love with it until my son and my husband are being left alone and lonely...Hehe..Well, it really happen! So many thing I can do with it since it has a big screen. Owh, you know what? have you check out the Samsung LED tv? The resolution of this galaxy S II is look like the same. Try download a music video from youtube, you'll get a very high resolution and seriously it's like watching it using the LED tv! Mindblowing! Pssttt...this info only for those who are married, you can also download the kamasutra ebook for free from samsung apps store..hehe..but I never download it yet coz...malu lah kat my hubby! ahaks! What else?? the camera has a flash which you cannot find in Iphone 4. The photo I took using its camera also won me third prize in my company photography contest. Soooo many things I wanted to share with you but I think you should get it and you'll never regret. provided you have the data plan. everything is wonderful!
nice? wait you capture it by yourself! I won 3rd prize with this photo!

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