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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Everybody has their own happiest moment. This is my happiest moment! To be able to capture my son's big and adorable smile! Look at how much he smile from his heart. From the moment I captured this photo, I vow that I will spend more time for him and shower him with a lot of loves. To be able see his big smile all his life and frame them just like freezing those moments to remember them whole of my life.
Captured on the day of his first attempt to scare his dad with  a choked-like drama..My son is a Drama King! Trust me! But sadly we lost the video in Car break-in last month.

More of his happy photos:


wan nurul hezrina said...

sukanya tengor gmbr u olz.gumbira jer muka=)

mamaafzal said...

Bila bertiga memang rasa hepi je..mybe sb now susah sket nk spend msa bila ada peluang mesti guna sepenuhnya...:))

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