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Monday, January 11, 2010

UPT +ve?

Teringat when I first knew that I was pregnant. Actually my period was 2 days late. My friends are all very excited since i just got married. But i dont really want to know if I'm really pregnant. Sort of scare I guess...But, I still did the UPT test and it was +ve! clearly +ve!. My friend Salwa was really excited to be the first one to know. I'm just blanked. don't know wether to jump with joy or...puzzled is the best word for at that point of time. but, after few minutes, my brain starts working and found myself smiling all the way back home. My husband was so sceptical with my smiles and said, You're pregnant rite? I thought i want to keep it as secret but since he ask is very directly, i just smiled at him and he was so excited plus nervous to get to know that he'll become a father yet he felt that he still got a lot of thing to do as a husband before jumped in the fatherhood. But, as we were so excited about the news, we just let God help us through the be continued...

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